Heat pumps

For all heat pump installation, repairs or maintenance in Christchurch and Canterbury, you can rely on our professionally trained heat pump installers to take good care of you.

And if you need some help with choosing the right size or system for your home, office or business premises, just call Innovationz Electric now on (03) 423 1500 for some expert advice.

A modern, efficient heat pump will keep your home or office cool in summer and warm in winter


Today's modern heat pumps are the most energy efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home or office, but they can also keep your premises cool and comfortable during the warmer summer months.

They are also extremely efficient and low cost to run, using just 1 kilowatt of energy to produce around 5 kilowatts of heat output.


Choosing the right brand, style and size:

Choosing exactly the right type of heat pump for your situation can be a very confusing process, with so many variations in sizes and outputs available.

But it's really important to select exactly the right system for your situation, as this can make a huge difference in long-term running costs and overall efficiency.

You'll also need to consider the correct placement of the unit such as either wall or floor mounted, or perhaps a ducted system so you don't see any units on your walls or ceilings, in order to get the most efficient output and maximum comfort level.

We'll be happy to help you through the process outlined above and make sure you get exactly the right combination of size and output to match your plans - and we'll probably save you money in the process.


Heat pump servicing and maintenance:

In addition to heat pump installations, we also carry out heat pump servicing and maintenance, including cleaning and sanitizing your unit to make sure it's providing clean, healthy air all year round.

And if your unit has been installed and in use for some time, servicing can increase its efficiency by up to 30%, giving you the maximum output and air quality as well as greatly extend the life of your heat pump.

You can get the complete details of our service and maintenance process in our 25-point Heat Pump Service brochure which we'll be happy to supply – just call or email us for your copy.


What to do next:

For more information on our heat pump installation service or to arrange a visit from one of our experienced installers, just call us now on (03) 423 1500 or email us at admin@innovationzelectrical.co.nz.

We'll be happy to calculate exactly the right combination of size, output and location for your heat pump, and to provide you with a completely free, no-obligation quotation.

And if you do decide to use our experienced team, we can lock-in your installation date until you are ready and then keep in touch to make sure your plans haven't changed.

And of course we'll do a thorough clean up after the installation as well as a thorough check to make sure your system is working correctly and that you know how to operate it before we leave. So you can relax and enjoy your new heat pump immediately.

"We went to innovationz electrical to get a heat pump installed in our house... What an amazing experience it was!

They were quick, professional and knew exactly what size and model of heat pump would best suit our space. I would not hestitate to use them again and recommend them to anyone who asks...

Our house has never been warmer."

- Shayna Innes