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Updated: 13th May 2020

Our team are working hard whilst carrying out strict work place practices 100% of the time to ensure the safety of our clients, staff, sub contractors and suppliers. If you require any electrical work be carried out please contact either Lee on 423 1500 or Chris on 027 699 3471 to discuss your needs so they can put a plan in place to get your job done whilst adhering to all government requirements.


With workplace distancing and new hygiene and health & safety practices, the work environment is different now and does require more planning in advance ….. and perhaps a bit more time to get the job done compliantly and safely. If you would like to discuss our workplace practices give us a call, we are happy to share them with you for your piece of mind.


Take care and stay safe!!


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Home Ventilation System

Ventio is an affordable high-velocity brand of home ventilation system with advanced sensor control technology.

The system maintains best indoor air quality 24/7 by running at the correct air flow, without causing thermal discomfort, noise problems or waste energy. When the outdoor air quality improves, increase the fan speed to get the maximum air benefits.



Energy Efficiency

Ventio systems incorporate superior and unique EC fans.

These EC fans are designed and built in New Zealand proprietary for New Zealand. They are totally controllable in speed and incorporate the highest energy efficiency and the most powerful performance. System year running cost is ~ $70.


Best Indoor Air Quality

Our advanced technology is developed and designed in New Zealand proprietary for New Zealand conditions.

Built-in sensor controls along with smart software learn, control and adjust the fan speed to improve air quality, reduce condensation and maintain the comfort level of the occupants of the whole house.


Property & Investment Protection

Our systems are designed around “build tight, ventilate right” specifications.

It is ventilating 24/7 at lower rates and for longer to protect your house from high levels of humidity and air pollutants. Plus, each Ventio system is individually designed for your home.

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